Sensor Watch: Home

Not sure where to start? If you bought a Sensor Watch board on Crowd Supply and need to assemble it, follow the instructions in the video below. But first, read these two notes:

Did you also get a Sensor Board?

If you have a sensor board (such as the Temperature Sensor included with most early orders), you must install it first, before you begin the steps in the video. Your sensor board will come packaged with instructions describing how to install it in the Sensor Watch 9-pin connector.

Do you want to install alternate firmware?

Sensor Watch ships with a build of Movement that includes a Clock and World Clock, as well as a Sunrise/Sunset and Moon Phase complication (backer boards also include a Temperature watch face). If you wish to install an alternate firmware, you should download it and install it before installing your Sensor Watch board in the watch case, as installing it in the watch case renders the USB port inaccessible. Instructions for flashing new firmware can be found here.

Need to buy a watch?

Casio’s F-91W uses ‘Module 593’, which was first produced in the 1980s. Whether a watch uses this module is indicated on the back of the case in a rectangular box. We expect that any watch using this module can act as a donor. However, as many of these Casio watches are counterfeited, take care to buy from a reputable seller.

Watches using this module include:

Model Works Counterfeits Current variants
F-84W F-84W (black)
F-91W ⚠️ F-91W (black), F-91WG (black, gold face), F-91WM (coloured case), F-91WC (coloured), F-91WS (translucent)
A158W ⚠️ A158WA (silver, black face), A158WEA (silver, gold face), A158WETG (gold)
A159W ⚠️ A159WA (silver, black face), A159WGEA (gold, black face), A159WAD (silver, black cut glass face), A159WGED (gold, black cut glass face)
A163W A163WA (silver, black face)
A164W A164WA (silver, black face)
A171W A171WE (silver, black face), A171WEG (gold), A171WEGG (black), A171WEMG (gold)
W-31 W-31 (vintage, stainless steel case & strap)
W-78 W-78 (vintage, larger and rounder with a bit of a 90s look)

The ‘Works’ column indicates that someone has successfully transplanted the sensor watch module into that watch. The ‘Counterfeits’ column means that someone has seen probable counterfeits for sale, so extra caution is warranted.

Watches that will not work as they use different movements, although the button layout is the same: A168W, A700W, LA680W, B650W. In general, if the watch is a 3 button digital Casio that has a nice ‘illuminator’ backlight rather than a side light, it’s NOT a 593 and will not work.

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